HS Technology

Innovate, creating technological
solutions to improve
people's lives.

HS Technology is a technological innovation company that creates solutions to improve people’s lives through the development of electronic equipment for health care.

Born in the Intuel (International Incubator of Technological-based Companies of the State University of Londrina), the HS has the innovation as a predominant characteristic in its DNA.

The company has a portfolio of products and projects in some markets, such as: Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Dentistry and Cardiology.
To create products that effectively meet market expectations, the company seeks knowledge of the industry through partnerships with professionals specialized in the markets of its products.

With these partnerships, the company is able to identify market opportunities and effectively solve existing problems.
In addition, HS works with partners to produce and market its products in a way that best fits the market without losing focus on its business.

The company’s flagship today is its PodoTech product line (www.podotech.com.br) and a newly launched product, BaroScan (www.baroscan.com).

PodoTech is a line of equipment for Podoposturology, insoles manufacturing, gait analysis, tread analysis and postural evaluation of the patient.

BaroScan is a baropodometry system consisting of a platform with 4,096 pressure sensors distributed in a 50 × 50 cm floor area and software for data analysis. Used to evaluate the patient’s gait, gait, posture and balance, the system performs static, stabilometry, dynamic and dynamic analysis with video.
A HS, através das suas principais marcas, a PodoTech e o BaroScan, possuí clientes em todo território nacional e também em alguns outros países da Europa e América olatina, como: França, Portugal, Espanha, Argentina, Chile e Equador.


  • 2008
    • Founded in 2008
    • First place at the 4th UEL Idea and Innovation Fair in 2008)
  • 2010
    • Exit from incubator and move to new headquarters
    • Creation of the PodoTech line
  • 2011
    • Mobile Cardio Development
  • 2015
    • 74% growth of the PodoTech line
  • 2018
    • BaroScan Launch

Our Strategy


Innovate, creating technological solutions to improve people’s lives.


In 2023, we will be recognized for innovation and training of people. We will be one of the best companies to work in the region. We will have an orderly growth in a sustainable way, with a mix of profitable products.


Professionalism: Acting in a serious, responsible, correct, respecting the laws, with ethics, valuing the services of other professionals, always working with quality, within pre-established standards by institutions and by the company itself.

Innovation: Seek to do new and differentiated things day by day that generate better and tangible results.

Business: Dream and act to achieve our dreams, with autonomy in the day to day, courage to take calculated risks and freedom to dream.

Customer Focus: Put yourself in the customer’s place to develop products and serve them according to your real need and not what we “think” the customer needs.

Focus on results: Act with sense of urgency, critical sense and effectively to achieve the result. Doing what should be done in an agile way.

Personal development: Seek self-development to do and be ever better. Look at how we are today and how we can improve now. Seek new experiences, learning and professional growth coupled with staff. Better people for a better world.